Monday, August 3, 2009

More BLING for your "CHA CHING!"

This one goes out to all those smart shopping beadaholiques!
Swarovski, that staple name we all love and trust for high quality and blingability, is improving their bicone bead. Yes, my friends, more bang for the buck! CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements introduces the NEW 5328 Xilion bicone bead, which will be replacing the discontinued 5301 bicone beads! The 5301 and 5328 bicone beads are designed to be used interchangeably, as their dimensons and geometry are complementary.
CRYSTALLIZED™Swarovski Elements will transition one color at a time as their supply runs low. During this transition period, if the 5301 bicone beads is not available, the new 5328 Xilion bicone will ship in its place. Gemorama will be one of the first US suppliers to receive the new 5328 Xilion bicone beads!! So get out your beading wire and slip on your sunglasses! These beads are high fashion flashin' !!

5328 Xilion bicone bead offers:
• Unique Xilion brilliance
• Increased number of facets
• Alternating large and small facets
• Higher brilliance and intense light reflection
• Slightly rounder girdle for added comfort in wearability

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