Monday, August 3, 2009

What makes YOU feel like "Queen of the Castle?"

I came across this pic from a trip my Husband and
I went on to Ogunquit, Maine.It always brings a smile
to my face and reminds me of a poem.......

"Queen of the Castle"

I dug in the sand and I carefully made
A big sand castle with my pail and spade.
I felt like a queen in a golden crown
Until the blue sea washed my sand castle down.
So I dug again in that sandy shore
Until I had a bigger castle and was queen once more!
-Author Unknown

So Ladies, ask yourselves...what make you
feel like a queen? And when you figure it
out...make the time and treat yourself however
foolish it may seem. Do it for yourself!
You deserve it!


BusyBeadLady said...

A hot bubble bath and a glass of wine always makes me feel like a queen. And if I can get between clean sheets after, then I'm in heaven.

PS I'm a beader too

DeShawn Marie said...

I'm with the busy bead lady! Nothing like a soothing bath, wine and clean sheets ;-) I might add a pedicure though LOL. Happy to see your blog is off to a good start.

Sharon said...

I have a lovely tiara complete with gemstone sparkles that my grandsons gave me for Mother's Day. I wear it to set a festive mood for my work day.

Anonymous said...

i love it^3^春夏秋冬,民宿,