Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Handy "TIPS" on Storing your Jewelry

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1. Never hang threaded, or knotted pieces.

Silks and stringing wires have a life span, and nearly all jewelry made with these mediums will have to be restrung one day. Hanging these kinds of jewelry will speed up the rate at which the silk or stringing wire stretches, and you may find they break or lose shape much faster. Instead lay them out flat on a soft velvet, or cushioned surface. If possible, try to lay them out rounded, as though they were being worn. This will reduce the chances of kinks.

2. Chain and wire jewelry

Chain and wire jewelry, or designs that are prone to tangling should be hung up. You won't end up with a nasty tangle of chain in your jewelry boxes, and you won't risk bending the wire wraps.

3. Earrings should be hung if possible.

Again, there's less risk of tangles, and you won't find yourself with a drawer full of singles if you always keep them together. And earring stand is obviously the best choice, but you can be quite creative with storage. A vase or glass makes an excellent stand: just hang wire around the edges. For posts, try punching small holes in a piece of card with a nail, then tape the card to a stand, cup or something strong enough to hold it upright so the earrings can hang once attached. If you don't want to punch holes, buy some cheap notebooks with spiral spines, and gently untwist the spines. Plastic covers will last better, but card will work fine too.

4. Do you need to transport your jewelry while you travel or move?

Buy some plastic zip lock bags and store each piece individually to avoid tangling. The air tight bag will also stop tarnishing, meaning your jewelry will look just a good when you unpack it. For fine chains, delicate earrings and other pieces that will tangle on their own, catch the hooks of earrings, or the clasp of necklaces over the top of the bag before zipping it closed. It should be caught securely in the zip, and you jewelry should now be safe.